3 Ways to Make a Living Out of Photography

It is possible to make a living out of photography. If you have good skills in photography, there is absolutely no reason as to why you can’t make a living out of those skills. People with good photography skills are always in demand. You just need to know how you can monetize those skills — that is, if indeed you have excellent photography skills. In today’s article, we will be looking at some 3 specific ways in which you can make a living out of photography. Those include:

  1. By getting employed in a media house (as a photojournalist): media houses are always in need of photographers. You just need to network with the right people in the media industry. They would then be in a position to alert you, whenever there are job openings in the area of photography within their media houses. The photographs that accompany news stories are viewed as an integral part of those stories. Thus, by becoming a photographer for a media house, you will effectively have become a journalist as well. You will be expected to come up with ‘photographs that tell stories’. You would then be put on the media house’s payroll. Subsequently, if the media house uses, say, the Securitas payroll system, you would be eligible to be visiting Securitasepay.com on, say, a fortnightly basis. You would then be in a position to login into the Securitas Epay portal there, and proceed to receive your paycheck: all on account of your photography skills.
  2. By setting up your own photography studio: if you have the right level of entrepreneurial zeal, you can proceed to set up your own photography studio. It is true that nowadays, people have the option of taking their own photos using their phone cameras and the now ubiquitous digital cameras. But there is still a role for professional photographers and if you open a good photography studio, you will almost be assured of making a decent living out of it.
  3. By becoming a freelance photographer: here, you would be operating independently – taking photos, and proceeding to sell them in the open market. If your products are consistently of a good quality, you can make a decent living this way.

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