How to Get Quality Photos

Your reputation as a photographer will (obviously) depend mostly on the quality of your work. You should therefore aspire to get the highest possible quality of photos. And you need to remember that even a layman – one who has absolutely no training in photography – will be able to tell a good quality photo from a poor quality one. It is just like music: where we find that even folks who have no training in music are able to differentiate good quality music from trash. So you really need to pay attention to quality.

Now to be in a position to get quality photos, you need to:

  1. Invest in a good quality camera: a good quality camera doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gadget. Even an average employee may be in a position to afford a good quality camera. Someone working at, say, the US Postal Service (whose HR portal is should be in a position to afford a good quality camera.  He just needs to go to the liteblue extranet login page, sign in there and check his paystubs – and as long as they earn a few hundred bucks per week, that should be enough to finance the purchase of a decent quality camera.
  2. Always ensure that the lighting is right: this may mean occasionally having to use the ‘flash’ feature even during the daytime.
  3. Always give a lot of thought to angles: the idea here is to ensure that you always capture your photo subjects at the best possible angles – even if means having to kneel, squat or even climb on a tree while shooting!
  4. Always pay attention to the backgrounds: it is possible for an otherwise great photo to be ruined by a drab background. You therefore need to pay great attention here as well.
  5. Invest in a good printer: you may manage to take very decent photos, but if they are meant to be printed, and your printer is of dubious quality, you will end up with poor quality printouts. Then the people who get to view such poor quality printouts will assume that it is your photography skills that are poor. They won’t be in a position to understand that it is a printer issue. So investing in a good printer is worthwhile.

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