How to Set Up a Web-Based Photography Gallery

One of the ways in which you can take your photography career to the next level is by setting up a web-based photography gallery. With a web-based photography gallery, you’d have an opportunity to exhibit your work to a broader, global audience. And if your work is truly good, that would potentially translate into great success.

Setting up a web-based photography gallery isn’t as hard is sounds.

You start by acquiring the domain name, which will be the online address for the gallery. So we are talking about a web address similar to (which is used by Lowes employees to access their work-related resources). The way to acquire a domain name is by registering it with a registrant. It shouldn’t cost you too much.  It is something you can do with as little as $10.

Having registered a domain name, you can proceed to sign up for a web hosting plan. Sometimes, the company you registered the domain name with may also be one that offers web hosting plans. You’d then be in a position to register a domain (for your web-based photography gallery), and sign up for a web hosting plan with the same company.

The next step is to acquire the software you will be using to exhibit your photography work online. You can use a ready-made application, or you can pay someone to tailor-make one for you.

Now you can proceed to select the photos you will be exhibiting in your web-based photography gallery. You can decide to use photos that you had taken in the past. Or you can decide to take new photos on various subjects, with the intention of exhibiting them on your web-based photography gallery.

What remains now is for you to get people to visit your web-based photography gallery. To this end, you can optimize the gallery for the search engines. That way, whenever people search for photography galleries, they would be taken straight to your gallery. Alternatively, you can opt to buy ads for the web-based photography gallery – through a program such as Google Adwords. This way, when people search online for photography galleries, yours would appear as one of the ‘sponsored links’ at the top (and on the sidelines) of the search result pages.

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