Using Photography to Raise Money for Charity

One of the ways in which you can raise money for charity is by using photography. In today’s article, I will be explaining how exactly you can go about using photography to raise money for charity. And without any further ado, if you want to use photography to raise money for charity, you need to:

  1. Identify a worthwhile cause to raise money for: there are so many needy causes around, and it should therefore not be hard to identify one that is worth raising funds for.
  2. Take photos that shed light on the cause: these should ideally be photos that show just how dire the situation is. They should, in other words, be the type of photos that tell stories – photos that are likely to touch the hearts of potential donors. This task (of taking photos) is likely to be the most time-consuming one. You will need a lot of time for this task. In fact, if you are working somewhere, you may need to ask for some time off, in order to take the photos you need to raise money for charity. Thus if, for instance, you are a Nordstrom employee, you may need to visit your employer’s HR portal (at to request for time off. This would be just a question of logging into the MyNordstrom) portal, navigating to the schedules features, and requesting for time off – or opting to use your leave days to do the photography work.
  3. Display the photos where potential donors can view them: having obtained photos that shed light on the cause you are raising funds for, the next step is to display them. You need to know who the potential donors are. Then you need to ask yourself where you can display the photos you took, to increase chances of them being viewed by the donors. The next step then would be to actually display the photos (online, at a gallery, at an exhibition… and so on), after which you may start to receive the donations.

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